• What are your athletic interests?
  • Should the college look into adding more teams?
  • Is the college effectively meeting the athletic needs of its students?


  • YES
  • No personal information is collected (unless you wish to be contacted by the athletic department)
  • Not available to anyone involved in making admission decisions

What else?

  • Takes less than 5 minutes
  • No obligation to participate in intercollegiate sports

Purpose: This survey is being conducted for evaluation, research, and planning purposes and may be used along with other information to determine whether the college is effectively accommodating the athletic interests and abilities of its students, including whether to add additional teams. Your responses do not obligate you in any way regarding participation in intercollegiate sports.

Confidentiality: You do not need to provide any personally identifying information in this survey, though you may do so if you would like the athletic department to contact you about your interests. Your responses will not be made available to anyone making admission decisions, and will have no effect on your application for admission.

Contents of Survey: This survey asks if you are interested in participating in intercollegiate sports. If you are, it asks you to identify the sports you are interested in and your ability level in those sports. It also allows you to provide contact information if you desire. It should take less than 10 minutes to complete.

Note: Listing of a sport in this survey does not mean that the sport is or will be offered by the college.